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Below are some questions people ask me most often! If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me at

Can I wash it?

↠ Yes! Gently hand wash in cold water and lay flat to dry. You CAN put these items in the washing machine & dryer if you wish, but it is recommended to set to gentle/delicate cycle with LOW heat.

Will it fit me?

↠ All individual items have a size description on the etsy shop link. Most items are crafted towards the average woman. If you are concerned about sizing, and feel you would like more information or need a special order, please email me at

What is your return policy?

↠ I accept returns under the following conditions:
1. There is something physically wrong with the item upon arrival.
2. You wish to exchange the same item but in a different colorway.
Returns are accepted within 7 days of delivery and must be shipped back to me within 14 days. Items cannot be returned if modified in any way from which you received them. Original shipping costs cannot be refunded, and you must pay for return shipping fees.

Do you do special orders?

↠ On occasion, yes! If there is a particular colorway you are looking for in an item type, send me an email at to discuss options. All specials orders must have a 50% down payment, and the remaining is due at shipping time.

What makes it special?

↠ All natural, hand-dyed merino wool yarn is truly unique. Each color combination is painstakingly chosen and is inspired by the natural world. Merino wool is incredibly soft, yet also surprisingly durable and long lasting. Click HERE to learn more about merino wool. All of my items are hand-knit, as opposed to machine knitting. Each item is carefully constructed in a smoke-free environment.

How do you choose your prices?

Each hand-knit item is priced mainly on the cost of materials. I only use the highest quality yarn, and therefore you are paying for quality! Low quality, artificially dyed acrylic yarns are 1/8 the cost of the high quality yarns I choose to create from. I find knitting to be a hobby and enjoyable, and therefore the cost of the item is not solely based on how long it takes me to create it. I merely only add a small hourly fee for time, as well as handling.