Meet your maker


 Started in 2016, MATHIEKNITS has evolved over the past few years, with more intricately knit items and a broadening of the range of products. MATHIEKNITS is a one-woman small business, crafting hand-knit accessories from all natural, hand-dyed, premium Merino wool.

 I have been knitting for over 16 years. A drive to be creative, & encouragement from others who have received my items as gifts, has given me the confidence to open the MATHIEKNITS store as a part-time small business. I take pride in the items I create, have a keen sense for detail, and I meticulously choose colorways to represent my brand.

 All of my hand-knit items are named after some aspect of the natural world, may it be types of plants, animals, minerals, fossils, or ecological terms. I exclusively use high quality merino wool in all of my garments & products. When purchasing knitwear, you should always check to see what it is made from! Not only do I only use the highest quality yarns in my products, I also only use yarn that is ethically sourced.


 My name is Emily Mathieson. I am a 29 year old graduate of the Biological Sciences, having focused my degree on Ecology & Fisheries. I completed an internship with the National Park Service as a Native Trout Conservationist in Yellowstone National Park.

 I am fascinated by the natural world, and this is where the inspiration for selecting the colors I work with comes from. All of my hand-knit items are named after some aspect of the natural world, may it be types of plants, animals, minerals, fossils, or ecological terms.

 Although I have a passion for biology, I have needed to switch gears and currently I am learning how to write & create code through online courses & experimenting with my own projects. I am currently working towards becoming a Web Developer ( this website was one of my first major projects! ), and have an exploratory interest in game design & development.

 Running, maintaining, & creating for MATHIEKNITS is an enjoyable side project and hobby, and has been increasing in success with each successive year. It is something I truly enjoy doing, and is both therapeutic and rewarding.

 A few of my favorite things include my two boofs named Dingo & Molly, a Hedgehog named Juniper, thunderstorms, and Worcestershire sauce. I like to spend my time investigating stream beds, watching the Great British Bake Off, listening to podcasts, and of course, knitting.


Merino wool isn't your average wool. It is a type of wool that comes from a particular breed of sheep, and is prized for its quality & softness. Seriously! It is so soft!

There are many benefits to choosing Merino wool, including:

↠ WARMTH : Merino wool contains crimps. When woven into knitwear, these crimps hit each other as you move, creating air-trapping pockets. Air that cannot circulate retains heat that is naturally produced from the body. Result? You are toasty warm!

↠ LIGHTWEIGHT: You might think of most garments made from sheep’s wool as bulky and big. Not so with Merino wool. Finer than most sheep’s wool, this is a lightweight choice.

↠ SOFTNESS: The common reaction to wool can be a reminder of all things itchy, scratchy, uncomfortable, and too warm. Merino wool, on the other hand, is ultra-fine, giving it a soft quality.

↠ ANTIBACTERIAL : Merino wool continues to be the superhero of wool with its antibacterial and water-repelling properties. This fiber can hold water without getting damp and it is a safe choice for germ laden environments. It is also naturally allergy-free. YES! ALLERGY-FREE!

↠ EASY TO MAINTAIN : Though Merino wool is a natural and renewable choice, it is also surprisingly simple to maintain. Most Merino wool garments and yarns are machine washable and can be tumble dried.

↠ WATER-REPELLANT: Merino wool works actively to wick moisture away from your body, dispersing it into the air. This keeps the body feeling dry all-day long.


The majority of my work is constructed from using combinations of Madelinetosh yarn.

I am never disapointed by both the quality and color intensity of these yarns!

 Madelinetosh Co., America’s largest hand-dyed yarn producer, was founded in 2006 by owner Amy Hendrix as an Etsy shop and has since grown into an international wholesale distributor to independent craft stores around the world.

 Madelinetosh’s goal is to provide crafters with a painter’s palette of wools to choose from when making and creating for themselves and others and to grow the crafting community around this mutual love of color.

 Madelinetosh also has the widest color library of any other artisan I've ever come across. If you would like a custom item, I would suggest taking a look at Madelinetosh's website as well as checking out the FAQ on my website!